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Dior pearl studs

Ever since I saw the Emma Watson rocking these Dior pearl studs at the Golden Globes, I’ve been coveting a pair (there have also been some DIY attempts but unfortunately I never found the right pieces to make it work). I don’t normally (or ever) wear pearls, but this design changed my mind entirely and made the classic (albeit slightly old fashioned) pearl stud look fresh and new. Dior even came out with a few different versions of these, including “bubblegum” looking colorful ones…but sadly, any and all versions are beyond my grasp. Until, Bauble Bar came to the rescue! Not only do they make the original pearl version, they have a multitude of different options including metallic, pave and two-toned bubblegum” versions. And at about $30 a pop, feel free to make it a two-fer and mix and match your styles (I know I will!)
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[fake it till you make it ]

Mansur Gavriel takes a trendy “it” bag and makes it look classic and polished by using soft, buttery leather. I know the Baggu version isn’t the most affordable, but for real leather sometimes you just have to cough it up.


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[fake it till you make it : The Oscars]

One of the best parts about watching the Oscars is seeing all the glitz and glamour of Oscars fashion…the dresses, the jewels, more jewels! I was sadly underwhelmed by a few outfits (J.Law, anyone?), but there were some that were just absolutely amazing, and don’t we all wish we could dress like the stars on the biggest night in Hollywood. I decided not to go with exact copies of the dresses, because honestly how often does anyone wear floor length gowns, so I tried to find affordable outfits inspired by my favorite Oscar gowns (and the fact that they’re all from ASOS either means ASOS has it all, or I just spend too much time on their website)

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[ fake it till you make it ]

Olivia Pope’s Ferragamo Wrap Coat

For anyone who watches the show Scandal, you know that there’s no denying that Olivia Pope has the best style on tv.  Not only does she have an entire wardrobe just for drinking wine on her couch, her wine wardrobe is better than my everything wardrobe (and if having wine clothes wasn’t a life aspiration before, it sure is now). But all in all, the one piece of clothing I absolutely die over is her Ferragamo wrap coat. I mean, I barely listen to whats happening anytime I see it on the screen. But since this is beyond unattainable for me, all I can do is fake it and try to live by my new style moto, WWOW: What Would Olivia Wear.


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[ fake it till you make it ]

The Valentino “Rockstud”  Shoe

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1. Zara Shiny Pointy Ballerina 2. Milanoo Rose Red Leather Studded T-strap 3. Milanoo Chic Black Spike Heel

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