[ Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream ]

Make full use of all those delicious strawberries while they’re still in season!


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[ Fruity Pebbles Ice Cream ]

Ice cream for breakfast because, YOLO. Another recipe from Desserts x D!



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[ Watermelon Sorbet ]


Since I started writing for Brit + Co, it’s been hard finding the time to work on my own recipes and projects. While I’m still optimistic that I will one day figure out how to feature more of my own content on here, I’ve decided in the mean time to add on a guest writer to give you guys more of our own tried and tested recipes. My cousin, Divya, has a love for baking and eating that may rival my own, with a special affinity for ice creams. Since I don’t own an ice cream maker and don’t really love ice cream enough to make pints of it for myself (a trait my husband is greatly disappointed by), I’ve decided to enlist in her expertise and will be featuring her recipes on my blog. We’re starting out with mainly ice cream recipes, but that may lead to a wider range of delicious guest posts in the future So, read on for the first scoop!

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