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Ugh, once again I have let this blog disappear into oblivion. But in my defense, I recently got hitched, and planning for that was like having a second job on its own. Top that with having a full time job and writing for, Brit+Co so honestly who was I kidding when I thought I would also have time to keep up this blog. But anyway, that’s going to change (for real this time). Since I’m writing posts for Brit+Co once a week anyway, I figured I may as well start linking to them as part of my Frankly, my dear posts. And hopefully I will have time to also include some of my original posts every once in a while. So here we go! Here’s my latest post, and I’ll work my around to all the rest.

5 Companies That Make Mattress Shopping Majorly Easy


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I’ve always been slightly obsessed with jewellery, but the past few years the obsession has focused mainly on rings….between chunky cocktail rings, delicate gold rings, or multiple stacked rings I really can’t get enough of them. I usually store my jewellery hidden away in boxes, but I love the idea of using ring holders to display just a few of my prettiest rings without creating clutter on my dresser….and they make the perfect engagement present! What better way for a bride-to-be to keep her ring safe when she’s not wearing it, but at the same time beautifully displayed?  Here are some of my favorites:

20140316-123307.jpg1. Umbrella Ring holder $12 2. Landmark Ring Dish $12 3. Etsy Ring Holder $30 4. Glass Cloche Ring Holder $49
5. Ceramic Elephant Ring Holder $12 6. Hare and Now Ring Holder $9.99 7. Crown Ring Holder $32
8. Wish Bone Jewelry Holder $46.50

Happy Shopping!

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I LOVE stationery. That might sound like a strange thing to say, but I really, really do. I’m hyper-organised and make lists/spreadsheets for everything I do, so anything that helps me with this is my new best friend. And while I have progressed into the modern age of apps , I still prefer the old school version of putting pen to paper (I have 3 different to-do list apps on my phone, but I’m also carrying around two notebooks in my purse, and have 4 more empty ones at home…so you get the idea). What makes me even more excited is when I find the exact same stuff in different colors….think rows and rows of different colored Sharpies, stacks of different colored Post-it notes and shelves of identical but differently colored notebooks. So you can only IMAGINE the pure glee when I discovered poppin, an online office supply store that makes minimalistic stationery and office supplies in a multitude of different colors.

I mean, this really is my heaven.

photo 2(1)

photo 2

photo 3(1) photo 3

photo 1 photo 4

Check out poppin for many, many more options!

Happy Shopping!