[ Streets & Eats: Outside Lands 2015 ]

It’s been a fair number of years since my last music festival (Coachella 2009, back in the good old days when it was more about the music and less about what Kylie Jenner wore) and while the thrill of live music is the same, the food and drink options seem to have elevated themselves to a whole new level. Gone are the generic pizza and beer stands and instead Outside Lands was a foodie extravaganza with some of the Bay Area’s best culinary offerings. I barely made a dent in all that was there to offer (not for lack of trying, I tried to persuade our group to stop for a snack between every set but apparently my level of gluttony was matched by no one else), but here are just a couple of the more out-there things I tried.


The Donut Burger @ Straw: It was mostly the novelty of the whole thing that made me try this one out and I would probably only order something this outrageous in a setting like this. The flavors were actually pretty good, with the sweet donut pairing well with the burger. However, the greasiness of it all made every bite feel like a heart attack. Worth a try at least once, but not something I would order again. The side of  sweet potato tater tots on the other hand were pretty exceptional, and the blackberry bbq sauce was something totally unique.


Dried Porcini Donuts @ Rich Table: I could have eaten about a dozen of these! For being fried dough, they were surprisingly light and fluffy and the porcini flavor was on point. Add a raclette (cheese) dipping sauce, and this was a winner all around.


Green Juices and Fresh Coconut Water @ Living Greens: I never actually tried any of these, and oh how I regret it. I usually never pass up on coconut water served straight up like this, but my priorities were focused more around consuming all things bad for me. It would have really hit the spot after that donut burger though….next time!


Wine Lands: Another wonderful part of Outside Lands that I wish I had enjoyed more were the Wine Lands. There were dozens of options from wineries all over the Bay but the prices were a bit too steep to make this the drink of choice over the weekend. It was still a nice little break from all the other craziness to lounge on the grass and relax with a glass of rose until it was time to move onto the next stage. Plus, you get to take home the handy plastic wine glass that’s perfect for future picnic-ing.

There was so much other good stuff I wish I had tried out, but I guess I’ll just have to do it the old fashioned way and visit the restaurants themselves. Or just wait until OL2016!


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