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I’ve never been a huge fan of ice cream (not to say I don’t like it, I just tend to go for other desserts if given a choice), but since moving to the Bay I’ve discovered that ice cream can be SO much better than I ever imagined. This edition of Streets & Eats will feature
Smitten ice cream. What’s so special about it you ask? Not only do they use fresh ingredients for made-to-order scoops, they also churn their ice cream using a patented “Brrr” machine which uses liquid nitrogen to make the smoothest, creamiest ice cream. In addition to their regular flavors, which are a far cry from any typical ice cream flavor you’ve seen (brown sugar cinnamon shortbread?? Yums!), they also have a rotation of flavors every month featuring the seasons best ingredients. Think Nectarine for July, Creme Fraiche with Pear Caramel for September, Sticky Toffee Pudding in December and Blood Orange Pistachio Shortbread for May. Each flavor also comes with an ideal “pairing” of toppings, as well as hand-picked sundae and ice cream sandwich options. They only have a few locations in the Bay area right now (I’m lucky enough to have one at the Whole Foods nearby), but with the option to “wagoneer” (a.k.a cater), you can bring all this glory to your next event or party! Click through for more photos.


The Brrr machines





Salted Caramel


Seasonal flavors via smittenicecream.com


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