[ fake it till you make it ]

Dior pearl studs

Ever since I saw the Emma Watson rocking these Dior pearl studs at the Golden Globes, I’ve been coveting a pair (there have also been some DIY attempts but unfortunately I never found the right pieces to make it work). I don’t normally (or ever) wear pearls, but this design changed my mind entirely and made the classic (albeit slightly old fashioned) pearl stud look fresh and new. Dior even came out with a few different versions of these, including “bubblegum” looking colorful ones…but sadly, any and all versions are beyond my grasp. Until, Bauble Bar came to the rescue! Not only do they make the original pearl version, they have a multitude of different options including metallic, pave and two-toned bubblegum” versions. And at about $30 a pop, feel free to make it a two-fer and mix and match your styles (I know I will!)
20140617-220747.jpgHappy Shopping!

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