[ mean girls ]

10 years ago this little movie was released that made my senior year of high school all that much better and has become one of my absolute favorites: Mean Girls! My college years were basically filled with watching and re-watching this (and Clueless!), and while I may not have fully appreciated it in all it’s glory back then, this is a movie that only gets better with time and has become a cult classic with some of the greatest lines ever. Celebrate the 10-year anniversary (you guys, I feel old) of Regina George, The Plastics, Tiny Fey and a pre-hot mess Lindsay Lohan with these Mean Girls inspired picks. You go Glen Coco!


1. “Boo you whore” birthday card 2. “You go Glen Coco” coffee mug 3. Mean Girls pencil set 4. Damian iPhone case 5. Fetch keyring 6. Full of secrets hair clip 7. “You can’t sit with us” cushion 8. Pink Wednesdays tank

Happy Shopping!

(and none for Gretchen Wieners)

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