[fake it till you make it : The Oscars]

One of the best parts about watching the Oscars is seeing all the glitz and glamour of Oscars fashion…the dresses, the jewels, more jewels! I was sadly underwhelmed by a few outfits (J.Law, anyone?), but there were some that were just absolutely amazing, and don’t we all wish we could dress like the stars on the biggest night in Hollywood. I decided not to go with exact copies of the dresses, because honestly how often does anyone wear floor length gowns, so I tried to find affordable outfits inspired by my favorite Oscar gowns (and the fact that they’re all from ASOS either means ASOS has it all, or I just spend too much time on their website)

20140313-151119.jpgFind it here

20140313-151125.jpgFind it here

20140313-151141.jpgFind it here

20140313-151130.jpgFind it here

20140313-151146.jpgFind it here

Happy Shopping!

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