[ fake it till you make it ]

Olivia Pope’s Ferragamo Wrap Coat

For anyone who watches the show Scandal, you know that there’s no denying that Olivia Pope has the best style on tv.  Not only does she have an entire wardrobe just for drinking wine on her couch, her wine wardrobe is better than my everything wardrobe (and if having wine clothes wasn’t a life aspiration before, it sure is now). But all in all, the one piece of clothing I absolutely die over is her Ferragamo wrap coat. I mean, I barely listen to whats happening anytime I see it on the screen. But since this is beyond unattainable for me, all I can do is fake it and try to live by my new style moto, WWOW: What Would Olivia Wear.


20140111-003016.jpgHappy Shopping!

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