[ DIY: studded bag ]

I love these American Apparel Carry-all Pouches….the leather is great quality, there are so many color options, and it looks the same as the designer Céline versions, but at such a great price.  I initially bought the leather version and since I loved it so much, I decided to buy the suede version as well. But even though the suede is super soft, the bag has zero structure (which I didn’t realize because I bought it online), and is basically impossible to carry it around as clutch (unless you stuff it to the brim to make it hold its shape). It was just sitting in my closet for months, until I came up with a super simple DIY to turn it into a slouchy shoulder bag…and voilá, problem solved!





What you need:

  • Pouch or clutch
  • Gold chain
  • Gold pyramid studs


The best option is to use studs with prongs at the back, so you can simply poke it through the cloth and fold the prongs down to secure it.

imageAttach the gold chain onto the bag by linking one prong of the stud through the loop of the chain, and the folding the prongs down.

imageContinue adding studs in any pattern you like, and you’re all done! These studs are the easiest DIY tool, so you can be sure to see a lot more of them to come.

Happy Crafting!

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