[ DIY: miu miu glitter sneakers ]

I hardly wear sneakers as part of a “look”….mostly because its too hot most of the year, and sandals always seem like the better option. But these miu miu glitter sandals totally changed my perspective….with denim shorts and a white tee, how cute would that be? Follow the steps to have your own pair of these glittery babies without breaking the bank!


miu miu glitter sneakers

What you need:

  • a pair of canvas sneakers (white or black works best)
  • Mod Podge glue
  • gold glitter
  • rhinestones in various sizes
  • tape
  • heavy duty glue
  • paint brushes
  • a plastic cup or tray

photo 1(3)

I already had an old pair of sneakers from from forever ago, so instead of buying a new pair a painted them black with fabric paint first and let them dry completely for a day or two.

photo 3(3)

Cover the toe area with tape…this is where the rhinestones will go later. You can also cover the sides (just above the soles) if you’re worried about getting glitter on it, but it’s pretty easy to avoid painting that area even without tape.

photo 1(4)

photo 2(4)

Mix one part glitter with two parts Mod Podge in the cup, and stir the mixture thoroughly. I used about half an 8oz jar of glue, and this was more than enough to completely cover the shoes. (Tip: if you have left over mixture, you can store it in a jar and use it for another DIY project)

photo 1(2)

Paint one layer of the mixture over your shoes. Don’t make the layer too thick, it’s better to go over it with more layers later than have one thick layer, otherwise the glue gets kind of tacky. It goes on white, but will dry completely clear. Wait for the first layer to dry (about 15 minutes), and then apply more layers until your shoe is fully covered in glitter. I needed two full coats, and then a few touch ups in certain areas.

photo 2(2)

Wait a few hours to give the Mod Podge time to completely dry, and then remove the tape.

photo 4(1)

Stick your rhinestones on the toes in any pattern. You can use any kind of strong glue, but I would recommend a hot glue gun to make the application easier and less messy. Don’t worry too much about matching the patterns exactly, I only matched the big stones and then stuck on the little ones where ever there was empty space.

photo 3(1)

Take your new shoes out for a spin!

Happy Crafting!

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