[ DIY: woven chain necklace ]


I was really worried when I started making this necklace that it would end up looking tacky and cheap…but oh man was I wrong! To my delight, it ended up looking like an expensive,well-made piece of jewellery I would actually buy at a store. And I promise, it’s easier than it looks.

What you need:

  • chunky gold chain
  • string (strong enough to hold your chain together)
  • twine/embroidery floss/leather or suede strips (to create your second layer)
  • jump rings and clasps
  • Scotch tape


Cut two pieces of gold chain into the length you want your necklace to be, or just fold one long chain into two pieces, and line them up side by side (I used pieces of tape to keep it aligned and to keep the links from twisting). Tie your string onto one end of the chain, and start weaving it through the two chains to tie them together. (Tip: Wrap a bit of tape around the end of your string, this will act like a needle and make it easier to weave through the loops)



Continue weaving until you have completely connected both pieces of chain. This is the base of the necklace and you can either stop at this, or add more layers to it like I did.


Make a braid using the twine. This can really be any material you want to use, like embroidery floss or leather/suede strips (I’m pretty sure what I used was supposed to be shoelaces!). Make sure your braid is long enough to cover the length of your necklace, and when you’re done, tie string around the two ends of the braid to keep it in place. Then, tie the braid to the existing chain using more string, similarly to how you tied the 2 chains together (I used a thicker string to attach the chains together, and a thinner string in the same color for the braid). Continue tying the braid to the chain until you’ve covered the whole length of the chain (my braid wasn’t quite long enough to reach the ends, but it’s ok because that will just be the back of the necklace).


Add a clasp/hook and clean up all the extra pieces of thread. (Tip: A good way to make sure your knots at the ends of your chain/braid don’t start undoing or unravelling is by covering them with a bit of superglue)


Handmade DIY!


Aurelie Bidermann Braided Chain Necklace

Compare it to this necklace (coming in at almost $700!!)….not bad for a bunch of chain and shoelaces, huh?

Happy Crafting!

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