[ fake it till you make it ]

I’ve decided to add a new segment to my blog, which will hopefully be a regular feature.

Wouldn’t we all love to buy all those beautiful, expensive things out there? But let’s face it, if you’re a regular girl with a regular job like me, it’s hardly possible to do more than lust after them. So I’ve decided to feature cheaper versions of the latest “It” fashion, in the hopes that we can all feel a little bit like the rich and famous. And by cheaper I don’t mean a $300 version of a $1000 dress (because wtf, I can’t afford to throw down $300 on one item of anything, how is this a steal?), but ACTUALLY cheaper. So join me in my quest to fake it till I make it!

I’ve never really followed high fashion or designer collections….I prefer Glamour to Vogue and The Food Network to Fashion TV. But even I noticed the Balenciaga Spring/Summer ’13 collection everywhere I looked. I love the new take on ruffles, where they’re less little-girls dress or grandmas bedspread, and more grown up and structured. While the real deal is a little too intense for me to actually wear (I’m definitely not attending any red carpet events anytime soon), I found this skirt at Zara recently that’s the perfect “lite” version of the original…and more affordable!

photo 2

photo 3


Happy Shopping!

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