[ 2 ingredient pancakes ]

…which are also gluten free, low calorie AND all natural!

So I know this is a huge departure from my usual recipes, but I recently started a new health/fitness regime, and lets just say gooey nutella banana bread is helping no one shed those pounds. But I promise to be back with our regularly shceduled program of sugar-laden, chocolate covered, funfetti-ed goodness in the not so distant future.

I found this recipe on Blogilates (On a side note: for those of you looking for fun workouts to do at home and more healthy recipes, check out her blog/website. She has a ton of videos and is constantly releasing new ones. Some of them seem horrifyingly impossible, but if you start out with her Beginners Series or check out her workout calendar for beginners, it’s really not so bad. I’m loving her workouts right now! ).

Back to the pancakes, it literally is just 2 ingredients:

Ingredients: (makes about 4 pancakes)

  • 2 eggs
  • 1 banana, mashed



Beat the eggs, and then add in the mashed banana. Make sure the banana is mashed as much as possible, as this helps the batter have a better consistency. The batter is going to be a lot more runny than your regular pancake batter, so don’t pour too much into the pan because a) it will spread out a lot and b) larger pancakes are much harder to flip. Spray your pan, and let it cook on one side for a couple of minutes, until you start seeing small bubbles forming on the top. These will be difficult to flip over in general, but if you’re having too much trouble let it cook on that side a little longer.

Top with some honey or fresh berries and voila! If you’re really having trouble forming/flipping the pancakes, add a little bit of flour to thicken the batter. Some other options to add to your batter: vanilla, cocoa powder or cinnamon. Don’t go too crazy adding too much stuff….because then they just become regular pancakes, which you can find a recipe for here.


Happy Eating!

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