[ baggu ]

In the world of eco-friendly, reusable shopping bags, Baggu definitely has the best collection. 100% nylon, and available in a zillion different colors and prints, these bags are simple, cute and hold a ton of stuff (25-50 lbs, depending on the size). Baby Baggu for “your lunch, a six-pack or an extra pair of shoes”, Regular Baggu for groceries or a trip to the beach , and Big Baggu is ideal for carrying your laundry around (see picture above for a size comparison). Each bag folds neatly into its own little pouch, so you can easily just throw it into your purse and have an extra bag handy without worrying about extra weight or bulk. The only problem is that with so many different options, I spent days just trying to pick a color. I ended up with saffron dot, sailor stripe and magenta, but the possibilities are really endless!

Animal prints make these bags even more fun!

Aside from their signature bags, Baggu has a ton of other options for eco-friendly, recyclable accessories, including backpacks (like this red canvas version, which I’m also a proud owner of).

They also recently started a leather collection, featuring the Baggu tote, and pouches in two different sizes.

You can even customize and screen print your own Baggu’s, AND if you ever get tired of it, just send it back and Baggu will recycle it and give you $1 credit towards your next purchase.

So, buy a Baggu, save the planet and look chic while doing it!

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